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Cihanlar Tel ve Çelik Halat PVC Kaplama

Cihanlar Tel ve Çelik Halat PVC Kaplama was established upon transfer, in 2019, of Kentaş Kablo San. Ve Tic. LTD. ŞTİ, a company established in Istanbul in 1986.

With its 30-year experience in production accompanied by high quality raw materials and qualified workmanship, Cihanlar Tel ve Çelik Halat provides top quality services to a wide range of industries including in particular fence systems, cables, agriculture, construction, and hardware. Our company always prioritizes the production and raw material quality, performs manufacturing operations with new generation machines with a view to meet our customer’s demands with correct solutions.

Our company manufactures PVC-coated fence wires, PVC-coated steel ropes, PVC-coated copper tubes, and PVC-coated galvanized industrial tubes. In addition to production in the fields of PVC-coated fence wires and PVC-coated steel ropes without compromising quality, we also offer PVC coating for tubes between 2 and 24mm with our modern tube coating machine specifically designed for the manufacturing of PVC-coated tubes.

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We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for our lifting and moving equipments.

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We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for our lifting and moving equipments

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To solve your problems, we provide free-of-charge, on-site technical support services.

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We provide the most suitable products for your lifting and moving equipment needs.


The products we have produced as Cihanlar Tel ve Çelik Halat PVC Kaplama

Used in a wide range of fields including in particular manufacturing of fences and barbed wires. Commonly used for security, marking borders, and protection, etc. Fields of application include sports facilities, greenhouses, schools, military structures, airports, parks, etc.


Ropes are used in fields having high breaking strength requirements and high performance expectations such oil, fishing, and maritime industries, as well as for cranes which are used for a wide range of lifting operations.


Manufactured by coating stainless steel rope with PVC insulation. The insulating PVC coating process is completely performed at our factory.


Tubes which have a wide range of use both in domestic and industrial applications can be made more durable thanks to PVC coating.


In addition to packaging, our product made of high-quality raw material can also be used for production of medical Surgical Masks, Medical Masks, Dust Masks.


This multipurpose wire which can be used as a clothesline for hanging clothes or as a rope for tying up materials is a handy necessity which will make things easier.




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