Coating: Hot-dip galvanized wire coated with PVC.

Fields of Use: Used in a wide range of fields including in particular manufacturing of fences and barbed wires. Commonly used for security, marking borders, and protection, etc. Fields of application include sports facilities, greenhouses, schools, military structures, airports, parks, etc.


Thickness of Wire to be Coated  Ø 0.50 mm – Ø 4.00 mm
Thickness of PVC Coating  Ø 0.50 mm – Ø 1.30 mm
Thickness of PVC-coated Product  Ø 1.10 mm – Ø 5.30 mm
Wire Specifications Hot-dip Galvanized
Colour Any Colour
Coil Weight 5 – 550 kg – Rosette Coil System